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Nedomā tik daudz, resns paliksi!
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Don’t Think Too Much… It’ll Make You Fat
July 5, 2012 By UberFacts
Too much thinking could make you fat, according to a new study.
Researchers found the stress of thinking caused overeating with heavy thinkers seeking out more calories.
The research team, supervised by Dr Angelo Tremblay, measured the spontaneous food intake of 14 students after each of three tasks.
The first was relaxing in a sitting position, the second reading and summarizing a text, and finally completing a series of memory, attention, and vigilance tests on the computer.
After 45 minutes at each activity, participants were invited to eat as much as they wanted from a buffet.
The researchers had already discovered that each session of intellectual work requires only three calories more than the rest period.
However, despite the low energy cost of mental work, the students spontaneously consumed 203 more calories after summarizing a text and 253 more calories after the computer tests.

Tā sakot, ja daudz domāsi resns paliksi. Jo mazāk domāsi būsi slaidāks, jo varēsi ievērot ešanas režīmu.   
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