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Virsraksts: Dear tas_pats,
Rakstīja: tas_pats Maijs 17, 2013
Dear tas_pats,
The Dot TK Abuse and Copyright Infringement department has
visited your website today.
Unfortunately we have to say that today we cancelled your domain LABSAS.TK.
No-one can re-register this domain again at this stage. This may change
in the future.
The reason for the cancellation is that the website address
you used for your Dot TK domain name was not accessible or
did not follow the guidelines set in our terms and conditions.
If you are in doubt, please review our terms and conditions, which can be found at: http://www.dot.tk/en/doc_tcfree_v350.pdf

Virsraksts: Re: Dear tas_pats,
Rakstīja: EzītisMiglā Maijs 17, 2013
tas pats
Kādam autoram tad tu pārkāpi pāri?